Nagoya Legal Office
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Nagoya Legal Office information

Nagoya Legal Office provides legal services in Nagoya, Japan, to support new foreign companies who starting business in Japan, whether as a Japanese company or as a Japan branch office. Our legal services can ensure a smooth start up for your new operation in Japan. Our office is close to Nagoya station, and we can provide full English support. Please click Legal enquiries below for more details.

Our core business and legal support services in Japan are:

1. All legal services related to establishing a company in Japan.

2. Ongoing business support - Japanese contract writing and review, Japanese business correspondence, filing of paperwork with local and national public and statutory bodies.

3. Legal support for those who are aready running a business in Japan - Japanese visa and immigration support services, Japanese legal documentation services

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[Address] #509 Sirakabe Bldg,1-45 Sirakabe, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi
Nagoya Legal Office

[Phone] +81-52-971-4576

[Fax] +81-52-971-2934

[General Manager] Judicial Scrivener: Shintaro Ideta

[Services] Authorised judicial scrivener, company establishment, visa applications, public administration, business documentation, legal services

Company Establishment in Japan

[ For those looking to form a company in Japan ]

Nagoya Legal Office has a very experienced team that has worked with many foreign companies when establishing a new business entity or or a branch office in Japan. Please use the link below to contact us regarding Japanese company establishment/set-up process in Japan.

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Visa Aqcuisition and renewal

[ For those looking to do business in Japan ]

It is absolutely necessary to acquire a valid visa in order to live and do business in Japan. Nagoya Legal Office will assist you to acquire the appropriate Japanese visa if you are new to Japan, and we also manage the visa renewal process for those who are already in Japan. Click Legal enquiries below to make an enquiry.

Legal enquiries click here

Japanese business and legal advise and support services.

Working within Japanese culture may mean some adjustments to suit the local Japanese business and social environment. Nagoya Legal Office provides not only Japanese legal advice and public administration services, but also Japanese business letter writing services, Japanese contract creation and contract review services. Nagoya Legal Office has a wide network of affiliated Japanese business service suppliers, such as Japanese (and bi-lingual) lawyers, accountants and certified social insurance labor consultants.

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Services for foreigners living in Japan

Nagoya Legal office works to support non-Japanese in creating a comfortable and secure life in Japan. Unfortunately some foreigners have met with some unpleasant occurences in Japan, and fraud is not unknown. If you have any concerns or worries regarding your situation here in Japan, please contact us and we will work to ensure the security of your lifestyle and business here in Japan.

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Legal Advice Process

Please email your enquiry to Nagoya Legal Office if you are outside of Japan


(1) Enquries by Phone or Email Legal enquiries click here

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(2) We will answer your Japanese legal enquires and provide a relevant project proposal

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(3) Upon completion of project proposal, a formal contract will be signed

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(4) Ongoing discussions on schedule, methodology, until project completion.


Access to Nagoya Legal Office

Nagoya Legal Office


#509 Sirakabe Bldg, 1-45 Sirakabe, Higasi-ku, Nagoya-shi

[Tel:052-971-4576] [Fax:052-971-2934]

10 minutes walk north of Takaoka station,
Nagoya subway Sakuradori-line (red line)


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